Were We Feeling Left Out?

I don’t get it: was U of C feeling left out or something? First, Queen’s established the “Intergroup Dialogue” program and suddenly found itself being conflated with Stalinist Russia. Then, Carleton University got rid of Shinearama because (and I quote) “cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men” and because “all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their diverse communities.” (Quick aside here: Donnie Northrup, who wrote the motion to drop Shinearama, told The Globe and Mail, “I genuinely do not understand all the attention this has garnered.” Moreover, because of the backlash his motion invariably caused, he is “currently not able to live happily.” Didums! I’m sure people with cystic fibrosis feel the same way.) Today, meanwhile, there’s an abortion rally taking place outside my window–and predictably, given the current climate in Canadian post-secondaries, U of C is being excessively heavy-handed with the pro-lifers.

Don’t get me wrong: the placards on display are so hideous as to be counterproductive. But doesn’t having a police van parked outside send the wrong sort of message in return? We’ll see how this shakes down.

UPDATE: just when you thought the Carleton University/Shinearama story couldn’t get any more ridiculous, Donnie Northrup opened his mouth again…or, rather, moved his fingers in some sort of synchronized way. Reportedly, Northrup told his Facebook friends: “I see no moral or cultural reasons to stick with Shinerama, to say because we’re been doing it for years, is the same mentality that kept slavery legal, and prevented the women’s vote.” As Optimumcrime put it, “That’s right, giving money to cystic fibrosis research is like…slavery.” UN-BE-LIEVABLE!


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