Something’s Rotten at Queen’s–But Something’s Rottener at Carleton

In case you thought the ridiculous Queen’s “conversation cops” story was about to go away, think again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. I’ve learned that it’s seldom a good thing to Google your alma mater’s name and the letters “KGB” or the word “Gulag” and come up with relevant hits. Again, I know the story’s been slightly misrepresented–but Queen’s had to expect this, and the fact that the school’s scrambling to justify itself merely shows how out-of-touch its senior administration’s becoming.

But at least they’re not Carleton University’s Students’ Association.

(Brace yourselves: this story’s absolutely repugnant.)

(Are you ready?)

Click here.

Words fail me.


2 thoughts on “Something’s Rotten at Queen’s–But Something’s Rottener at Carleton

  1. Wow… that is just, wow! I mean, I’ve never been a fan of political correctness myself (ie: no such thing as handi-abled and the lady on the plane is a god damn stewardess and always will be) but seriously, what is wrong with post-secondary institutions. It seems most of the stories I read or hear about just leave me saying “Wow!” Granted, it’s getting to the point where my reaction is closer to “Meh, doesn’t surprise me.” The comments section is well worth the read as well.P.S.Steve, I miss your smile. 😦

  2. It’s an incredible story, isn’t it? I thought it was a joke at first–but then realized it wasn’t when I read the president’s comments. The sad thing is, Shinearama’s gonna end up losing out because of the article–which makes it sound like it’s some sort of generic fundraiser instead of a cystic-fibrosis-specific fundraiser. If anyone reading this has a chance to donate to Shirearama this year, DO IT. It’s the worthiest of causes.

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