The Joseph Leo Bwarie Interview is Up!

I was going to write about last night’s Bob Dylan concert…but then, this morning, my interview with Joseph Leo Bwarie from Jersey Boys finally went up on Torontoist. I don’t ask for much–but please, right now, stop what you’re doing, follow this link, and read it. Like seriously: right now. I probably spent way too much time on it–actually, if I’d have put this much effort into grad school, I wouldn’t have had any problems with my 2000 paper–but I wanted to do right by my subject, who was simply marvelous. Hope you like it!


One thought on “The Joseph Leo Bwarie Interview is Up!

  1. Stephen,Reading your piece and despite having seen Jersey Boys and not liking it much, I was so impressed by the manner in which you revealed Bwarie, capturing his enthusiasm and yours, with an economy and style both remarkably engaging. Its obvious how hard you worked and just as obvious how well rewarded your efforts have been. To be honest, it’s so good, it belongs at a better outlet.

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