Yoghurt and Beer and Torontoist

It’s beautiful in Toronto today…and what better way of celebrating than with a lunch consisting of yoghurt and beer? In unrelated news, I’ve been unusually prolific over at Torontoist lately. Here’s what I’ve been churning out:

  • “If You Can Use a Fork, You Can Play for York,” about the Queen’s Golden Gaels men’s football team’s historic 80-0 win over the York Lions (or, if you’re looking at it from a Torontoist perspective, York’s historic loss to Queen’s). By the way, Stuff and Nonsense refuses to acknowledge the “rebranding” of Queen’s Athletics; the name “Queen’s Gaels” can go fuck itself.
  • As the Seasons Roll On By,” about the end of the baseball season/start of the hockey season.
  • “Opening Night! It’s Opening Night!” (and yes, that’s a Producers reference) is self-explanatory. (And speaking of opening night: did anyone honestly think Leafs would beat the Red Wings? Their next game is tomorrow night’s home opener against Montreal; I’ll be there.)

As soon as this is finished I’ll be heading down to the Beach to start hasing out the Joseph Leo Bwarie interview. Have a great long weekend, everyone–although surely I’ll be by at some point between now and Monday evening.


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