The Weekend That Was and the Week That Will Be

…and just like that, I’m away from the office til October 27. Tonight I’ll be packing; tomorrow, at 8:10am, I’ll be leaving for Toronto…and tomorrow night I’ll be sleeping in the Queen’s ghetto student village (albeit in an expensive bed and breakfast). I’ve got a whirlwind week ahead of me…but before it begins, how ’bout a whirlwind weekend review?

  • On Friday I golfed Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama–a.k.a. the second-ranked public golf course in Canada. It surpassed expectations, although for $135/round you’d hope it would. Its signature hole, the 155-yard, par 3 sixth, is built across a ravine; it looks like this, and it’s an absolutely stunning golf hole. (For the record, I put my tee shot over the back; no way I was messing with that.)
  • Speaking of Panorama, this year’s P.D. conference was exponentially better than last year’s–possibly because I was a veteran and, therefore, had a better idea of what to expect. It’s a great spot, although spending the weekend in the shadow of a non-operational quad chair is a bit of a tease.
  • Chelsea 1 – 1 Manchester United was a cracking game. United might’ve won; Chelsea were there for the taking, but after Park Ji-Sung gave United a 1-0 lead they abandoned their attacking impetus. Still, it was a good result; roll on Bolton Wanderers!
  • Minnesota Vikings 20, Carolina Panthers 10. I didn’t watch the game–I listened to the second half on Sirius–but I didn’t need to be watching to know it was a must-win for the Vikings. Tarvaris Jackson was benched; Gus Frerotte started in his place, threw up 208 yards, and likely entrenched himself as the team’s starting quarterback. I don’t know how I feel about this…but whatever: roll on the Tennessee Titans!
  • Bob Dylan is coming to Calgary–and I’ve got fifth-row floors. Which is good, since…
  • I missed getting tickets for the Leafs/Flames game in November. I had no problem with either Detroit or Vancouver (or for four Leaf games at the Air Canada Centre, for that matter), but somehow, with a two-ticket limit, I couldn’t pull a thing for the only game I really cared about. The secondary market looks bleak; I should’ve known I was in trouble when “coveted these” were among the Ticketmaster passwords. (I also missed out on the Leafs/Oilers game two nights later; that situation looks a bit better, but it’s still going to end up costing me.)
  • This week’s travel itinerary: Calgary/Toronto/Kingston/Port Hope/Toronto. It’s gonna be rammed.

So now I’ve gotta start packing. How does one pack for a thirty-two day business trip? I have no idea; I figure I’ll stuff as much clothing as possible into one suitcase, then wash/iron it as soon as I arrive. Next time you hear from me I’ll be back home!


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