No One Except Gavin Will Care About, or Even Read, This Entry

The year’s first fantasy football draft is under my belt–and frankly, I’m already looking forward to 2009. I pulled the eleventh overall pick, and got Marshawn Lynch–exactly the player I wanted. But then, when Peyton Manning fell to me in Round 2, I panicked. In retrospect, I should have taken another running back (Clinton Portis?) or a #1 wide receiver who isn’t suspended the first two weeks of the season (Terrell Owens?). But I panicked, and took Manning…and then it all fell apart.

The God Squad, 2008 edition:

  • QB: Peyton Manning
  • RB: Marshawn Lynch, one of Darren McFadden/Matt Forte (currently McFadden)
  • WR: Steve Smith (after he finishes serving his two-game suspension for punching a teammate), Hines Ward
  • Flex: Donald Driver (again!)
  • TE: Heath Miller
  • DST: Philadelphia Eagles
  • K: Nick Folk
  • Bench: David Garrard, Forte/McFadden, Chris Brown, Fred Jackson, Rashard Mendenhall, Muhsin Muhammad, Donte’ Stallworth

I hate this team. The NFL season hasn’t even kicked off–it begins next Thursday–and I’m already banking on one of three rookie running backs becoming a star. And since I don’t foresee it happening, I’ll be scrambling just to make the playoffs.

I’ve got another draft tomorrow. Since I’m currently putting most of my energy into moving out of my illegal basement suite, I’m reasonably sure I’ll tank it…then blog about it, if only so Gavin has something to do with his evening.


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