The End is the Beginning is the End

I’m back in Calgary–and on Friday, I’m moving out of my illegal basement suite. It’s all happening; tonight, I started packing, and if the storage company I visited after work would’ve a, been open, and b, had packing supplies, I’d have everything ready to go. I wish I could be more wistful about leaving this place…but I can’t. Yesterday, I came home to discover that my cable had been cut–or, more accurately, been replaced. To make a long story short, I ended up having to resubscribe to Setanta so I could watch today’s Manchester United match (having already learned the final score, no less), and while it sounds like a minor quibble (and it is) it’s been a year full of such episodes. I’ll miss the actual apartment. It’s really nice, and affords all sorts of luxuries (e.g., its own office) I’ll be missing come Friday. The situation, however, sucks–and it’s why I’ll be happy to leave.

In other news, I didn’t cancel my MBNA card today–but I’ll do it later this week, once the final charge (i.e., the aforementioned Amazon order) is approved. Wednesday, meanwhile, marks one year since I moved to Calgary. What better way of observing it than by moving again? Wish me luck!


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