The English Premier League kicks off tomorrow…which means the 2008/09 Championemiership (blame HLP Paul for the awkward name!) is about to get underway, as well. 17-3–the latest incarnation of Team Awesome, which was pipped to the title in the league’s inaugural season by the long-lost Jeff Billing but which has since won two championships–lines up like this:

Manuel Almunia
Gareth Bale – Jose Bosingwa – Andrea Dossena
Deco – Ryan Giggs – Luka Modric – Theo Walcott
Emmanuel Adebayor – Dean Ashton – Wayne Rooney
Looking for big results from Arsenal, United and, err, Spurs, then. Of course, as long as I do better than HLP Paul, I could care less who wins the league; as far as I’m concerned, all I’ve got to do is finish first in a two-horse race.

4 thoughts on “17-3

  1. Well, a one man team won the league and Europe last season, so that’s proof that when its done right, it works…so why bother complaining about your jib (or, jibe as it were)

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