Eddie Vedder at Massey Hall

Feast your eyes on this:


  • Walking the Cow [Daniel Johnston]
  • Trouble [Cat Stevens]
  • Sometimes*
  • Around the Bend*
  • I Am Mine*
  • Dead Man*
  • Man of the Hour*
  • Long May You Run [Neil Young]
  • Masters of War [Bob Dylan]
  • Setting Forth**
  • No Ceiling**
  • Guaranteed**
  • Far Behind**
  • Rise**
  • Millworker [James Taylor]
  • You’re True**
  • Soon Forget*
  • Lukin* (aside: acoustic “Lukin”!)
  • Porch*

1st encore:

  • Wishlist*
  • Helpless [Neil Young] (with Eliza-Jane Barnes)
  • Society [Jerry Hannan] (with Liam Finn)
  • Throw Your Arms Around Me [Hunters & Collectors] (with Liam Finn)
  • Small Town*
  • No More**
  • I Am A Patriot [Steven Van Zandt]
  • Arc*

2nd encore:

  • Old Man [Neil Young] (with Liam Finn and Eliza-Jane Barnes on vocals and with Eddie Vedder on drums!)
  • Rockin’ in the Free World [Neil Young]
  • Hard Sun [Gordon Peterson] (with Liam Finn on drums and Eliza-Jane Barnes on backup vocals)

The show clocked in at just under three hours. That’s a three-hour solo performance; apart from a few collaborations with his opening act it was nothing but Vedder the entire time. Couple quick highlights: “Arc” and “Hard Sun” were standouts, but tonight’s version of “Masters of War” was frigging titanic; think the famous 10/16/92 Vedder and Mike McCready collaboration, let age sixteen years, add Iraq war, and let simmer. Just…wow.

(Oh, and the asterixes: * – Pearl Jam song, ** – Vedder solo song.)


One thought on “Eddie Vedder at Massey Hall

  1. I was debating how much I wanted to see this…now I know I should have mortgaged my soul for it. DAMN. You bastard. I would have shit if I had been there. Glad you got to see it, now let’s hope for the bootleg lol.

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