Everybody Loves a Landlord

My landlady–my actual landlady–is back in Calgary, and she’s brought her family’s circus sideshow with her. This time, they’ve at least got four feet…and that still doesn’t excuse them, or my landlady or my surrogate mother, from waking me up at quarter to six on the Sunday of a long weekend to (as far as I could gather) scream at one another. The women’s shouting caused the dogs to start scurrying around my surrogate mother’s hardwood floors; by the time my landlady took them for their morning walk I’d been awake for almost an hour, which effectively ruined my night’s sleep. Now the women are gone–but the dogs are upstairs barking at each other. I’ve never felt so much animosity towards cocker spaniels ever before.

Happily, in twenty-nine days, this’ll all be a memory. Bri Monster and I visited the new apartment last Thursday, and managed to snap a few photos before the camera’s battery packed in. Check ’em out! (The one on the right captures the view from our living room, which overlooks Memorial Drive, the Bow River, Prince’s Island Park and the Calgary skyline. I’m still in awe.) The bedrooms are small–think my room at 396 Johnson small, albeit with built-in closets–but liveable…and besides, when you’ve got a view like we’ve got, not to mention a massive living room and a brand-new kitchen (replete with stove and full-sized fridge!), you’ll happily take a few liberties with the rest of the house. I can’t wait to get settled. Enjoy your Sundays, everybody!


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