Two Bananas and a Can of Ginger Ale

I haven’t been blogging about my living situation of late–largely because, with the exception of my surrogate mother coming home at 3am the other day, there hasn’t been anything unusual to report. Until this weekend, that is. Firstly, and somewhat significantly, the grass was mowed…although I hasten to add it wasn’t mowed very well, supposedly because it was too long for the mowers to do a proper job (shocking, that). They’re coming back next week to do it again. Secondly, today my surrogate mother left for Saskatchewan–and once again, she broke into my house. Except this time, it wasn’t to deliver a package. Rather, it was to give me a plastic bag which contained…two bananas and a can of Ginger Ale. I have absolutely no idea what this means; is this her equivalent of the severed head?

I still plan on moving out in August–but by now you can surely see why I’m sort of reluctant to leave this place. I’ll never find this sort of entertainment anywhere else.


4 thoughts on “Two Bananas and a Can of Ginger Ale

  1. I wish my daily life presented so many anecdotes…it doesn’t. Proof, we all need a little Steve…but I did see the Hip at Bluesfest with Mehta…that was great.

  2. To be honest, I wouldn’t leave your place. It’s in a quiet neighborhood and it’s perpetually cool down there. Then again, I didn’t experience Charging Chub or the other assorted funs you seem to have. I AM a little shocked that the grass got cut though.

  3. But it’s also a basement apartment. I don’t know how I feel about living in perpetual darkness. On the other hand, now that CC is out of the picture, it’s a lot more tolerable.Oh, and Gav, I saw the Hip a couple weeks ago–and it was a much better setlist. So I still win. šŸ˜‰

  4. Ya I think you did have a better setlist…Bryan was at that concert too, he loved it.It was Becky’s first Hip show though, so more enjoyable that way, and Gord seemed to have a lot of energy. But ya I would have enjoyed oh ANYTHING from Road Apples…and not seeing Bob Rock.

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