V Fest Day #2: TTH Setlist

I’ve been standing for seven straight hours; I’m spent, but I wanted to get a setlist up here before passing out so I’ll have something to work off of tomorrow. As expected, it was a pure Greatest Hits set; I think the song I’d heard live the fewest times was “Gift Shop,” and off-hand I think I’ve heard that six times before. Still, the Hip is the Hip is the Hip, and it was a solid performance–and the crowd was surprisingly good.


  • Yer Not the Ocean
  • My Music at Work
  • Grace, Too
  • The Drop-Off
  • It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
  • Ahead by a Century
  • In View
  • Gift Shop
  • Courage
  • World Container
  • Long Time Running
  • Poets
  • Springtime in Vienna
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Nautical Disasater
  • Fully Completely (which sounded positively evil tonight)
  • Family Band
  • New Orleans is Sinking (great version)


  • Lonely End of the Rink
  • Wheat Kings
  • At the Hundredth Meridian

I’m going to collapse! Talk to y’all tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “V Fest Day #2: TTH Setlist

  1. Know that I am screaming “Shamu and Bartholomew!!!” while spilling warm Molson Canadian on you with one hand and holding my cell phone up in the air in front of your face.What else…Right. Then let me talk to one of my co-DBs throughout every song, repeatedly one arm hugging them and referring to them as buddy.The Hip deserve better.

  2. See, now I *know* you’re not a real Hip fan because a, you aren’t requesting “Fifty Mission Cap,” and b, you didn’t mention wearing a hockey jersey. These omissions doom your entire guise.Nice try, though. You almost had me.

  3. I think dan was mocking the ‘dude’ culture who go to summer outdoor concerts…I think steve missed this one…as for the hip fandom I have no clue.

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