This is Getting Embarassing

The really good story is coming…but for now, feast your eyes on my house–in particular its lawn, which is officially out of control. Honestly, it’s a major eyesore; I’m actually embarrassed to be seen walking into and out of my side door entrance. I’m assuming someone knows about this…although that said, I probably shouldn’t be giving this family too much credit. To keep you posted: Charging Chub and his entourage made a brief cameo last week, but they’ve otherwise disappeared. My surrogate mother never sleeps here anymore; I don’t know what she does in her spare time, although I’m assuming (or at least hoping) it involves taking care of Charging Chub (hoping because the alternate explanation is so, so gross). As for the Burnout: I haven’t seen him since he came to collect the spare bed which TJP and I moved into the garage last November.

It’s incredible: of all the houses in Calgary, I managed to find this one. I can’t wait to move out (two-and-a-half months and counting!) but in a weird way, I’m glad I got to experience it. Someday, it’ll be a story to tell my own, non-surrogate children.


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