It’s Good To Be Home!

It’s good to be back in Toronto. It’s even better being back when the weather’s perfect (like it is today, and like it was on Tuesday), when there aren’t any work-related commitments to attend to (unlike the last time I was here, no matter how minor they were), and when the girls are unveiling their summer clothes (thanks, Bruce!). I haven’t been especially motivated to do much of anything this week; I guess that’s the point of being on holiday. Tonight I’m seeing My Fair Lady at the Toronto Centre for the Arts (which you should’ve read about in Torontoist last week). On Saturday I’m going to Stratford for the day; these excursions will inevitably underscore the lack of great theatre in Calgary, or else that I’m just too lazy (or not adventurous enough) to discover it. (That’ll change, albeit briefly, next week, when Rent comes to the Jubilee. But that’s another story for another blog entry.) It’s one of the many things I miss about this city.

“Home” is an amorphous concept, isn’t it? Right now, for instance, Calgary is “home.” Thunder Bay will always be home. But Toronto is home to me (if that makes sense), and while I’m not actually living here it’s still nice to have made this discovery. Someday, hopefully, I’ll be back.

(Thanks to this guy for the picture, by the way!)


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