And Then She Comped Me, Plus Other Misadventures in the SW

For fifteen minutes yesterday evening, my life became strangely eventful.

Firstly, I was given a free Starbucks coffee. I’m a firm believer in coffee karma; yesterday, finally, my own coffee karma (the result of several years’ worth of diligent coffee-buying for others, including an old lady in Vancouver who received a gift coffee because “I’m on an expense account and I’m in a good mood”) turned into something tangible in the form of a tall cinnamon dolce latte. Maybe my barista was trying to establish her own coffee karma. Or maybe she thought I was cute. But ANYWAY, I was still glowing when Bri Monster pulled up in her silver Honda, which her and I call “the Baba Mobile” on account of its long, unsightly nose (like a Ukrainian baba…get it?). This leads me to my secondly point: as Bri Monster was leading me out of the parking lot and toward her brother’s house (we were going to watch Game #6 of the Flames/Sharks series in glorious HD), an SUV backed out of its parking space…and straight into Baba Mo.

Bri Monster was fine–this is the only really important thing–although later she was complaining about a kink in her neck. Unfortunately, Baba Mo wasn’t so fine: her front end now has a great, big dent in it (making it even more unsightly), and there may be some tire issues. The guy who hit her was beside himself; as for me, I sat in my own vehicle listening to Danny Federici’s last full concert with the E Street Band (come on, what else was I supposed to do–help?). Baba Mo is getting fixed on Thursday; hopefully, she’ll come back to Bri Monster good as new. Tomorrow, meanwhile, we’re going back to her brother’s house for a one-game, winner-take-all summit to determine if my playoff picks were remarkably prescient or just really, really bad.

I am not–repeat, not–a sports bigamist. But…well…


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