Bear with me, folks: this is actually really funny.

April 28, 2007:

“I just had to get this out of my system…in the last 3-4 months, I’d say virtually 3/4 of the people I know have been like ‘Dude, you HAVE to join facebook, its soo cool. You can see and reconnect with people from high school and other stuff’ Well first of all, the only people from High School that I want to be still connected to, I am, by a marvelous technological invention called the telephone. There’s another amazing one called ‘Electronic Mail’ or ’email’ for short. And if that isn’t enough, then there’s this amazing invention called Instant Messaging, or IM, which can be done on a program such as MSN Messenger.

“Wow. So explain to me why I should get onto something, yet another ‘new rage’ for keeping touch with people, especially when I barely hear from the people on my MSN, who are either always online and ‘away’ or ‘busy’? I remember ICQ, that came and went, no big loss, MSN, not all the rage it once was…but still, the people I really want to be in contact with, I do this weird thing called ‘phoning them’ or god forbid, ‘Visit or socialize with them in person’. I’m sorry but I am on the computer all day for work as it is, the last thing I want to do is go home again and check up on the computer again. Yes I may have a blog but those of you who read it realise I’m obviously not on here that much or i’d write so much more…

“There’s far more out there than the internet people, are we controlling our lives, or are we controlled by the technological things in our lives?

“I may sound like a dinosaur on this one, but tough shit.

“So thats why you won’t be seeing me on facebook anytime soon…and if you do, its because I had a full frontal lobotomy. Or some chick said it would be cool.”

April 18, 2008:

Congratulations on your full frontal lobotomy, Gavin! You just made my day.


14 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. I agree that Facebook will become like ICQ (coming from beta-test member 500000). I find myself barely on it at all. I like to peruse through peoples pictures from time to time… wait a minute… Flickr allows that too! I send the occasional message to someone who I never talk to, but I never talk to them; so why do I even bother. I don’t see my facebook account lasting too much longer. P.S. You have to find the ironing delicious in that Facebook recognizes “Facebook” as a spelling error and underlines it in red in text boxes.

  2. I’m disappointed that Gavin has yet to respond. I guess I thought he’d be the bigger man than that…although, in fairness, he did just get utterly P3WND. 😉

  3. OK OK…I’m laughing.I already got called on it by Paul…But in my defence…it was a hot chick, not the lobotomy. And it has been almost a full calendar year since then…I must get some points for resistance.but yes, I got bent over by the hilarity of your calling me in my own words 😉

  4. Brad- you don’t see facebook lasting much longer? that’s like saying that people are suddenly going to stop using their cell phones. Innovative methods of communication aren’t going to disappear, likely 🙂

  5. Facebook will last forever. But the latest, greatest, (next white hype for you hip hoppers out there) will come along and facebook will be like Mypage is now; used by porn stars, indie bands, and 10 year old kids, and the rest of us will be on whatever the hell comes alone. Icq still exists you know! 😀Oh, and my facebook account will probably last untill that next thing comes out. I shall once again jump on a bandwagon for the soul purpose of communicating with those who never answer their phone… Steve!

  6. We’re not arguing the merits of Facebook here, Brizzad–we’re making fun of someone. Surely you of all people can appreciate the distinction.I know you’ve never met Gavin, but at this point I think it’d be entirely appropriate if you made a joke at his expense

  7. Sadly, all the jokes I can think of at the moment on said topic would relate the situation back to you Steve.But really though, you don’t think that a Philippino girl, while locked in the basement of a large house in Germany and forced to do webcam strip shows for money she will never see, could have such an affect on someone as to bring them to unwillingly joining Facebook?

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