Manchester United 2 – 1 Arsenal: Thank Goodness That’s Over

Manchester United are back on course for a 17th championship, but not before putting their supporters through the ringer for ninety minutes against Arsenal. Frankly, United were lucky; they went a goal down at the beginning of the second half, and only the most blinkered supporter would say they didn’t deserve it. But then two set pieces–a penalty by Cristiano Ronaldo and a brilliant free kick by Calgary’s own Owen Hargreaves–swung the match decisively in United’s favour, and despite a nervy final few minutes they held on for a massive, massive win.

And I’ll be perfectly happy if I don’t have to sit through another match like that again all season…although, with a titanic clash against Chelsea looming in two weeks’ time, that doesn’t seem likely.

In related news, I’m off to my first-ever Calgary Flames playoff game tonight! Bri Monster “won” one of the seven hundred pairs of available tickets–although we still had to pay for them, so she didn’t really win them–and they’re actually in a pretty good location: third level, only three rows from the front. It’s gonna be exciting! This city is ready to explode with playoff fever. Hopefully the Flames will respond accordingly tonight.


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