Manchester United 4 – 0 Aston Villa, + A Vancouver Postcard

Not much more to say, really. Sometimes I feel guilty about supporting Manchester United, especially when they’re in their pomp like they were yesterday afternoon. (Oh, and that picture? Ronaldo scored from that. Like I said: sometimes, I feel guilty.)

Vancouver sends its regards, by the way. Tonight, it’s the Foo Fighters and Against Me! at the old Pacific Coliseum (home of the Vancouver Canucks before GM Place opened in the mid-90s). As for Springsteen…well, he opened with “Trapped” at last night’s Seattle concert, which augurs well for Monday. It should be noted, moreover, that Eddie Vedder is in town for a couple solo gigs later this week (which I can’t attend, and no, I don’t want to talk about it). Vedder and Springsteen have joined forces a couple times, notably during 2004’s Vote for Change tour (when Vedder played three songs with the E Street Band at a wrap-up show in New Jersey, including a cover of “Better Man”). Is a guest appearance in the cards? I’ll let you know on Tuesday.


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