Vancouver Rock City

Unless you’re Bri Monster, J-1s or me, you’re about to have an inferior weekend. That’s because, in forty minutes’ time, I’m flying to Vancouver to meet up with those two and then to commune with rock n’ roll royalty. Firstly, on Sunday I’ll be flashing the devil horns at Dave Grohl et al. at my first-ever, full-length Foo Fighters concert. (I’ve seen the Foos twice, at a festival and as an opening act for Bob Dylan, but never as a headliner.) Then, on Monday, I’ll be catching up with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band for the first time since early November. Springsteen’s setlists are growing more adventurous by the day; is it too much to ask the Rock n’ Roll Gods for “The Promise” to come out in Vancouver? (The answer: almost certainly.)

And speaking of Vancouver…hey, I’m going back to Vancouver already! This’ll be my first time having Bri Monster as a tour guide, and she’s promising to blow my mind–or something to that effect. Next time I update this thing I’ll be in PST. Later, champs.


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