It’s My Own Personal F.U.M.S. Tour!

It’s official…sort of, anyway: on June 8, I’m embarking on my own personal F.U.M.S. (that’s Fuck You, Multiple Sclerosis! heathens) in the form of a 75km bike ride from Airdrie to Carstairs and then back again. You’ll be getting hit with a fundraising solicitation E-mail in the next while; in the meantime, I’ve gotta figure out a training regime and then stick to it, ’cause otherwise I won’t finish half the circuit.

I’m trying to raise $1,000. That’s doable, right? And if it’s not, I’m not above bribery…which may or may not involve me wearing the jersey of a certain hated hockey team if I reach my benchmark. I’ll keep you posted. For now, sleep!


16 thoughts on “It’s My Own Personal F.U.M.S. Tour!

  1. How does that work, exactly? $100 to wear a Flyers jersey…but only $20 to wear a *crested* Flyers jersey?On a related note, how much to wear a Quebec Ramparts Jonathan Roy jersey? 😀

  2. A Favre jersey would cost $100; a Liverpool jersey would cost $1,000 in and of itself.However, if necessary, I’d wear all of these at various stages of the race.

  3. How about a Favre jersey, matching shorts and gloves, and custom painted bike with a Sens flag hanging off the back. I’ve got money to burn Steve and if it involves you degrading yourself for a good cause, it just might be worth it.… and a temporary tat across the forehead: “Liverpool”how about a shirt with the city of Thunder Bay logo on it?

  4. Huh? Thunder Bay?? You really think you’d need to pay me to wear that? I’d almost donate to myself! However, if people want me to degrade myself in the vile cloth of eitherthe Ottawa Senatorsthe Green Bay PackersLiverpool F.C.then I’d be willing to do it, just this once. But it’ll cost you. “At what price, dignity?” you say? I think we’re starting to establish some pretty reasonable boundaries.

  5. I gotta be online more to keep up to date with opportunities such as this. $100 to wear a Stevie Gerrard Liverpool jersey. It’s the Gerrard part that is key. Without him it’s $50. Or if you wear anything that reflects Champions League 5 – 1 in terms of both teams respective success that could be worth something.

  6. It’s 5-2, actually, but I’ll let that slide. 😉 If you can find me a Steven Gerrard 2005 Champions League Final replica kit, I’ll wear it. But you’re then committing yourself to supporting me. Deal?I’ve opened one helluva can of worms here…

  7. 50 bux for the cheeze head over your helmet. I’ll even secure it on there good for ya so it won’t come off. I’ll add 50 for Alfredson.

  8. Only $1,000??? I know of a small group of students (25, to be exact) that live in a crap neighbourhood and are under the age of 10 who are F-ing MS a heck of a lot more than that. Twice as much, I believe. Do I need to come out there and give you a presentation to encourage a loftier goal??I tease. Every penny counts. Best of luck with your training!!!!Love,Partner (who misses your lazy ass around the office)

  9. But remember: the Pugh actually knows the cure to MS. She and the MSSC are just hoarding it so for their own personal gain. (You *do* know the background for this, don’t you? If not…uh, then that isn’t nearly as inappropriate as it sounds.) Anyway, since I know the truth, I’m only setting my goal at $1,000. Otherwise, I’m sure I’d be much more ambitious.(Although, I don’t see *you* offering me anything…what’s that about, huh??! ;))

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