Manchester United 3 – 0 Liverpool

That’s Wes Brown (?!?!?!) opening the scoring in yet another routine Manchester United victory over Liverpool. United are now five points clear atop the English Premiership and are zeroing in on a seventeenth title; there are still seven games to go, but it’s still a nice cushion heading into the final stretch.

(For those keeping score at home: since “the Rafalution” began in 2004, Liverpool have scored a single league goal against Manchester United…and it was scored by John O’Shea, who plays for Manchester United. It’s on, indeed.)


5 thoughts on “Manchester United 3 – 0 Liverpool

  1. For those keeping count since the “Rafalution” begun in 2004 Liverpool have won 1 Champions League title and been to another final whilst the best Al Quaeda/United have done in that is get to a semi final. Admit Steve-o it hurts, for all that you dominate every other aspect of the British game or indeed how many teams you beat Liverpool, you just can’t crack that Champions League. And part of you is terrified at the prospect of meeting Liverpool in this years final. I wouldn’t worry about that though, you’ll be long gone by then!!

  2. Since the “Rafalution” began, Liverpool have finished no higher than third in the Premiership; one year they actually finished fifth, then needed a UEFA intervention in order to defend their Champions League win. Sorry, Tim, but United’s failure to win a Champions League in the last four years doesn’t “hurt” so much as it puzzles. I’d imagine not winning a league title in eighteen years hurt a lot, however, not to mention the knowledge that United are getting closer to tying Liverpool’s record. It’ll be a glorious phone call to Northern Ireland when that happens.Also, re: your confidence about beating United in the Champions League Final…I mean, what makes you think it’d be any different than yesterday’s match? Because it’s a different competition? And also, why are you so glowingly confident that United will be “long gone” by then? They’re currently the best side in England and they played you lot off the park yesterday (and also scored more goals, and hence won, which should refute the inevitable “but we played you off the park at Anfield!” argument). Their next opponent is Roma. United played Roma twice in the group stages and didn’t lose–despite playing the second match (away, no less) with a virtual reserve team. Oh, and they beat them 8-3 on aggregate in last year’s quarter-finals. I’m not saying they’re a lock to go through…but there’s a pretty good chance, don’t you think? Conversely, Liverpool plays Arsenal…Arsenal, who tonked Liverpool 3-0 at the Emirates earlier this year and then drew them at Anfield. Does the fact that this is now the Champions League change anything? I think not.Liverpool does well in the Champions League because they play a more “continental” style of football. That’s why they beat Chelsea twice in the last three years: because they play similar styles and because Rafa Benitez got his tactics spot on. I’m not trying to diminish Liverpool’s accomplishments in Europe; I am, however, trying to say, for the hundredth time, that winning the Champions League isn’t the be-all and the end-all, and if you think it is…well, that’s probably because you don’t know what winning a league title feels like. 😉Just remember, Tim: 18-5…that’s eighteen years, five different managers and no league titles. Damn, I miss you being online!

  3. You 2 are hilarious.You should both check out my latest entry about favourite football (NFL) matches. I’d love to hear from you both and compare notes. Also maybe hear about favourites from other sports (I’m assuming you both would have Premiership matches lists too)

  4. Oh geez…uh, off the top of my head, United’s Champions League win against Bayern Munich, the Joe Carter game, the 1999 F.A. Cup semi-final replay, Leafs 5 Senators 4 from February 2004, the Vikings over the Packers in the 2004 playoffs and Game 6 of the 2002 Eastern Conference Final when Mats Sundin scored with twenty seconds left to send the into overtime. I could, without too much more effort, compile a top 25 list. Manchester United would probably occupy at least ten of those spots.

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