Je Suis Back

Whirlwind weekends don’t get much more whirlwind than that. Seventy-two hours ago I still hadn’t landed in Ottawa; now I’m back in Calgary and trying to reacclimate to Mountain Standard Time (seriously, I don’t do jetlag, even when it’s in the low single digits). The wedding was beautiful, the de facto high school reunion exhilarating and scandalous; the Good House reunion, meanwhile, culminated with a debaucherous night at the Heart and Crown (although it didn’t include Mr. Shwier…and sir, I apologize for not calling, but when we got to the bar we discovered that we didn’t have your number; the Gallopin’ Injun thought he had it saved in his phone, then realized it was written down on a piece of paper back at his apartment. You’re owed a pint, and possibly oral pleasure from one of us). Also, hospitality doesn’t get much better than three nights with E-Z Mac.

I’ll get a few stolen pictures up as soon as they’re available on Facebook. In the meantime, I’m gonna dig into the Cormac McCartney novel No Country for Old Men and get ready for an abbreviated work week. Happy Palm Sunday, you heathens!

Tonight’s entry brought to you by “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones.


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