Ottawa Ho!

Ottawa might have a pathetic excuse for a hockey team, but it’s still a pretty cool city–especially when you’ve got a best friend’s wedding, an impromptu high school reunion and a Good House get-together to look forward to. So it’s a loaded agenda this weekend, which is pretty much a given when you’re barely in town for forty-eight hours. I’m flying out today after work; if you wanna get in touch with me…uh, you probably know how.

On a semi-related note, does the name “Alexandre Daigle” make everyone except KDM chuckle? The point: no matter how high you draft, there’s no such thing as a sure thing (I’m pretty sure Daigle is out of hockey now). With that in mind, check out my latest contribution to Torontoist, then note that the two-game sweep of the Flyers did, in fact, occur (albeit with an overtime win in Game 1, which gave Philly an undeserved point). Five points back is nothing; five points is a weekend…and a little bit of a regular work week. Go Leafs go!


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