"Go ‘Necks Go!" Is the Lamest Chant in Professional Sports, and Other Musings

A Gene Simmons Family Jewels marathon on A&E? Great! Sign me up. And while we’re at it, here are a few, totally unrelated thoughts about the weekend:

  1. The Nashville Predators are one of the most boring teams in the NHL…and since the Calgary Flames are as well, Friday night’s game was easily the most boring hockey game I’ve seen all year. There’s $90 I’ll never get back!
  2. Manchester United’s treble is dead! Long live Manchester United’s treble! (And while we’re mentioning it: no, I don’t think Martin Atkinson is the antichrist.)
  3. Live lacrosse rules. The fact that the National Lacrosse League allows its arena announcers to say things like, “Five minutes for opening a can of whupass!” only adds to its charm. Also, when the players fight, they fight; I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a hockey brawl the same way again. Former SOAR Co-Senior Peer Advisor Robyn and I are going back in April to see the Toronto Rock; in related news, both of our death clocks are now approaching zero (seriously, I can’t imagine the effect a Maple Leafs jersey would have on your typical Calgary Roughnecks fan).
  4. In a similar vein, Family Jewels is stupidly entertaining. I can’t get enough of this show. Moving on!
  5. O Brother, Where Art Thou? still doesn’t make sense to me; having seen it enough times that it should make sense, this is starting to bother me. Should I read The Odyssea so I can better understand the Coen Brothers’ genius? I love that I’ve got time to dwell on these sorts of things.
  6. Finally, both my toaster oven and my element died on me yesterday. Which means I’m back to where I was in September: living without appliances…and while it’s great that I’ve got an excuse to eat out again, it’s getting to the point where I can no longer afford it. I might be entering Chris McCandless mode shortly.

Also, re: the weekend, Spring Forward can seriously kiss my ass.

This week, meanwhile, it’s four days of work before embarking on the next great travel adventure of 2008: Ottawa! I’m ostensibly going for my friend Heather’s wedding, but now there’s talk of a massive Westgate CVI reunion as well. This has the potential to be a legendary weekend. I’ll keep you posted!


3 thoughts on “"Go ‘Necks Go!" Is the Lamest Chant in Professional Sports, and Other Musings

  1. Rahul (and Darren, actually) and I are meeting up for a Good House reunion on Friday; I figured we’d give you a shout after we’re done and we’ll find a mutually convenient location to par-tay.

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