Does Nine Equal Fourteen Out Here?

Charging Chub is up to his old tricks again: at 10pm last night, as I was settling into bed to finish reading Rum Punch*, everyone’s favourite one-and-a-half year-old started running around the upstairs of our house…followed, from what I could gather, by his mother. His mother! Then, this morning, Charging Chub was up no later than 7:30am. I just did some quick research and learned that toddlers–I’m assuming Charging Chub qualifies as a toddler–require up to fourteen hours of sleep every night. By my estimation, Charging Chub usually gets around nine…which is barely more than I get, twenty-five years his senior. Someone needs to talk to this kid’s mother. Also, on a related note, the parade of unidentified Big Ass Vehicles continues unabated. I love my living situation.

Three other, unrelated points:

  1. The Brett Favre retirement is official…which means I’m officially one very happy Minnesota Vikings fan. Just like that, the Vikings are the favourites for the NFC North–which has the potential of being the worst division in NFL history next season. Obviously, I can’t wait.
  2. I’m seeing the Nashville Predators tomorrow. They’re currently one of four NHL franchises I’ve never seen play; the others are the Sharks, the Blue Jackets and (oddly enough) the Coyotes/Jets. There’s something for me to strive towards next year.
  3. Re: the asterix up top: you might’ve heard of Rum Punch under its other title, which is Jackie Brown–a.k.a. the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s 1996 follow-up to Pulp Fiction. Oddly enough, Rum Punch‘s heroine is named Jackie Burke–not Jackie Brown. She’s also white; Pam Grier, who starred in the movie, is most definitely not.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Does Nine Equal Fourteen Out Here?

  1. Why do you remain in the face of substandard living conditions? For the amusement? Charging chub was funny at first, now it’s just got to be irritating for you. Leave Thunder Bay West, now, and come home to where you belong. 😛

  2. It’s not “substandard”–it’s just weird is all. 😉 My actual apartment is great; it’s the people drifting in and out of the upstairs who leave me confused, incoherent and sleep-deprived.Also, talk to Jamie/Darren/Kari about next weekend. There’s a reasonable chance you’re being called out hard.

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