It’s Like This…

I’ve got the cottonhead…which means either a, I’m not sleeping enough (a distinct possibility); b, I’m not eating properly (a definitive possibility); or c, I’m fighting something (which is growing more and more likely, especially since TRB confirmed her strep throat-ness earlier this week). In terms of this blog, meanwhile, the cottonhead explains the recent dearth of updates: it’s hard to focus when your head feels like it’s spinning off your body.

I have, however, been writing for Torontoist–notably this Lenny Kravitz-inspired entry about the Leafs coming on like gangbusters after everyone (myself included) wrote them off for 2007/08. As we speak they’re leading the Washington Capitals 3-2 late in the third period; a win would keep them within striking distance of a playoff berth, which would’ve been unthinkable a few weeks ago. It’s still a longshot–but hey, it’s a lot more fun for the fans. Back to this blog: I’ll get the 27-for-27 update up tomorrow…promise! I’ve just learned that Canadian Olympic Park is shuttering its bobsled ride for the season tomorrow, which means I’ll have to bump that particular goal back a year. I’ve still got plenty to do, anyway. Tomorrow I’ll show you exactly what.


3 thoughts on “It’s Like This…

  1. took me a while to get that Paul=HLP= Hetero Life Partner (I’ll take the higher road and not make a Homo joke since its neither accurate or all that humourous.)

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