Steve Loses Battle, War with British Columbia

Congratulations, British Columbia: it might’ve taken twenty-seven years, but after an amazing week in Vancouver and Kelowna you’ve finally won me over. Just to clarify, I’d been to Vancouver twelve years ago–but when you’re fifteen years old you’re not really capable of absorbing what a city has to offer, especially when there’s a dearth of tourist attractions. On Saturday, however, I’d completely reevaluated my opinion of the city within minutes of arriving; the first time J-1s and I walked out of his apartment and into a soul-singingly sunny day, I was already imagining myself living there. I’m actually kicking myself for not giving it a chance sooner than I did. (Also, it’s worth mentioning that the female population is a, unusually attractive, and b, apparently sponsored by Lululemon. Oh, and there are a hundred and forty Starbuckses (Starbucks?) in the Lower Mainland. That’s an astonishing figure.) I’ll be back soon, for the Springsteen/Foo Fighters doubleheader…and after that, I intend to return as often as money will allow.

Meanwhile, I spent the last two nights in Kelowna–a place I did like when I visited back in 1996, and of which my opinion is relatively unchanged. Last night, after our work there was finished, a group of us went out, came back to the hotel, had a hottub…and then went out again, which is the sort of irresponsible behaviour which I thought I’d left behind when I graduated from university. Apparently, being in British Columbia brings out the best in me on a number of fronts.

ANYWAY: I’m back in Calgary now, and I’m looking forward to staying here for a while. Like, until Heather’s wedding in March–barring a change in schedule, I’m staying put for almost three consecutive weeks! And since I’m not going to work this afternoon, a sobering-up coffee binge awaits. 27-for-27 update to follow later this weekend.


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