Vancouver Divorce/Kelowna Marriage

Today, sadly, I’m outta Vancouver. I’ll be back soon (March 29, I think); at this point, and in spite of today’s weather (or the drops of bird shit which just dropped in front of my hotel window), I could totally see myself living here someday. What a fantastic city. Up next (i.e., after a Starbucks run, a quick school visit and a meeting with Neville, Jr): Kelowna! I remember loving the Okanagan when I visited in 1996, and what with the way I’m feeling about British Columbia right now see now reason for this to change. And having said that: apparently it’s a city run by the Hell’s Angels. If anything is gonna alter my perceptions of Kelowna, a violent biker gang is as likely a candidate as anything else. We shall see.


One thought on “Vancouver Divorce/Kelowna Marriage

  1. Biker gangs are only violent if you fuck them over. Many bikers are very fine, upstanding people, who simply won’t hesitate to kill you if you rape their daughter.

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