Love Stinks

(Alright, fine: I don’t think love stinks. But I had that scene from The Wedding Singer running through my head, one thing lead to another and…well, love stinks.)

Sorry ’bout the lack of updates lately–it’s been a strangely busy week, replete with late hours, movie dates–and btw, Juno is every bit as good as you’ve heard and Ellen Page is very possibly my newest Hollywood crush–soccer games and wing nights. On Saturday, meanwhile, I’m off to British Columbia (first to Vancouver, then to the Okanagan) for a week before finally returning to Calgary, ostenisbly for an extended period of time. All being well I won’t be leaving again til mid-March; at the very least, I shouldn’t have any major work-related travel for months.

Tonight, at least, I got to take a breather. I’ve been doing a lot of writing for Torontoist lately; the Leafs are certainly giving me plenty of material to work with, and after tonight’s loss they’re sitting pretty at 29th overall in the 30-team NHL. The Mats Sundin rumours won’t abate until a, the trade deadline passes and he’s still a Maple Leaf, or b, the trade deadline passes and he’s playing somewhere else…which could possibly mean Calgary, if you’re into listening to trade rumours (and in which case I’d be able to wear my Sundin jersey proudly at the Pengrowth Saddledome, instead of simply wearing it because I’m a dick). Oh, and speaking of hockey: on Saturday, I’m going to GM Place for the first time for the Canucks/Oilers game. I’ve heard that Vancouver fans are among the most ill-tempered in all of hockey; for that reason, I’m obviously excited that this idiot is going to be accompanying me.

If you’re in or around Vancouver: we have a date, albeit at an unspecified time/location. Otherwise, happy made-up love day everyone! If you bought her diamonds, hopefully they weren’t conflict diamonds.


4 thoughts on “Love Stinks

  1. Although an idiot, he’s pretty sexy in that picture. I bet that he’d wear that EXACT outfit if you asked him to… he might even skip the pants if you’re lucky!See you in a couple days, Johns.

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