It’s the Last Football Blog of the Season (I Feel Fine)

The 2007 NFL season is officially over–and because I know you’ll miss my football-related blog entires, here are a couple quick, final points about this year’s Minnesota Vikings:

  1. Your 2007 Pro Bowl MVP: Adrian Peterson! The shoe-in Offensive Rookie of the Year ran for 129 yards and two scores in leading the NFC to a 42-30 comeback win over the AFC.
  2. In case you hadn’t heard–I’m talking to you, all of those who moved overseas–the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl, and in so doing did two things: one, they blew the chance to become the league’s first-ever 19-0 team; and two, they snatched the “Biggest Ever Choke Job” crown from the 1998 Minnesota Vikings. Daily Norseman offers a pretty compelling case in favour of the Patriots…and really, who am I to disagree?

With that, it’s eight months of football-free blogging. But fret not: over in Manchester, the treble is still on…


6 thoughts on “It’s the Last Football Blog of the Season (I Feel Fine)

  1. Gavin, picture the scene……the venue is Istanbul……the occassion…..the biggest club game in soccer of 2005, the teams…..the mighty AC Milan and the overmatched and overlooked reds of Liverpool……3-0 to Milan at half time……tears were flowing all over the UK…..until the biggest choke in the history of sports allowed possibly the greatest comeback in the history of sports as a Steven Gerrard inspired Liverpool launched an incredible 2nd half comeback which eventually led to them regaining the position as Champions of Europe

  2. “Champions of Europe,” Tim–a team that wins the Champions League and finishes fifth in their domestic league is champions of nothing, unless you’re dealing with a bunch of deluded Scousers. Still, fair play: in terms of epic collapses, A.C. Milan has it for Champions League hands down. 😉

  3. No one, really–the game ended tied, and then Liverpool won a skills competition at the end of it. That’s why I wrote “Champions of Europe” in quotation marks.Good luck with the UEFA Cup next season, btw! 😀

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