Torontoist: Rockin’ Out Like It’s 2001

I’ve got a new entry up on Torontoist…and it’s about Limp Bizkit, sort of. Check it out. You’ll notice a reader is carping about my typos; there’s all sorts of potential humour in his comment, but frankly, I’m too full of deep-fried foodstuffs to pull it off right now.

By the way, how awesome is the “Rollin'” video? The best is how Ben Stiller and Stephen Dorff (that is who that is, right?) can’t find a valet, and so they simply toss Fred Durst the keys to their car. Can you imagine doing this? Forget that it’s Fred Durst: under what possible circumstance, apart from the (presumably) blinding effects of celebrity, would you give a complete stranger, in the middle of New York City no less, your car keys? I mean, has there ever been a confluence of events at any point in world history which might’ve yielded this result? Moreover, the car has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the video, especially the parts filmed atop the World Trade Centre (?!?!?!). It’s incredible that there was a time, not so long ago, when Limp Bizkit was one of the most popular bands on earth (and when people like La Gusenza would say, unironically, that they wanted to be one of Fred Durst’s bitches). Someday, I’ll teach my children about cultural decadence using this video as an instructional tool.

You wanna mess with the Bizkit? (Yeah!)
You can’t mess with the Bizkit (Why?)
‘Cause we get it on (When?)
Every day and every night (Oh.)
See this platinum thing right here? (Uh huh)
Well we’re doin’ it all the time (Wha?)
So you better get some better beats
And, uh, get some better rhymes (D’oh!)

Fred Durst, ladies and gentlemen! We’re all richer for having read him tonight.


3 thoughts on “Torontoist: Rockin’ Out Like It’s 2001

  1. I would think it to be quite ‘dope’ if he were to use the Rollin’ Urban Assault Remix.If you have never heard it, you should. It is actually a good energizing song.

  2. I’m sure I’ve heard it at some point…and if not, I’ll take your word for it. 😉 btw, you know what tomorrow is don’t you? February 5, 2008…think about it…

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