Super Bowl XLII: Come Again?

Remember this?

One of those teams just won the Super Bowl, thus completing the single-greatest upset in NFL championship game history. Oh, and the quarterback who threw those four interceptions? He was the game’s MVP.

Using simple, Hepplerian logic, Minnesota should therefore be crowned Super Bowl champions.


One thought on “Super Bowl XLII: Come Again?

  1. I’ve figured it out…Peyton channelled himself into Eli’s body from the luxury box in Tempe onto the field, just in order to embarrass Tom Brady 2 years in a row (the other being of course the last game Brady lost, though some might not call either of these embarassing…)You’ll have to forgive me for dancing a jig at the failure of the Pats, I hate them so and Brady as well. I feel vindicated finally from losing in ’01. No logic just gut feel. my new favourite stat in all of sports is 18-1.

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