Snow…Wasn’t He Popular in, Like, 1993 or Something?

Greetings from Toronto, where it snowed good and hard yesterday. 25cm of fresh powder brought the city grinding to a halt; hilariously, it actually forced U of T into shutting down St. George Campus, which’ll be good for a joke or two on the recruitment circuit. Speaking of which, I’m in town for a conference/a few miscellaneous school visits, along with some holiday time. It’s been a good visit so far, apart from the forty-eight minute delay getting a GO Train yesterday morning. Last night, my parents and I saw The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Elgin Theatre (in the same row my mom and I sat in for Tommy almost thirteen years ago). This was followed, inevitably, by a few rounds of drinks with a bunch of meatheads down at Scotland Yard…which, equally predictably, preceeded KDM and I stumbling home through the snowdrifts and then passing out.

Tonight, meanwhile, we’re hitting the Battle of Ontario at the ACC. Up next: another Leaf game Tuesday, my first-ever Battle of Alberta next Saturday (Hockey Day in Canada, baby!) and my first-ever game at GM Place in Vancouver the Saturday after that. (By the way, once I’ve seen the Oilers I’ll have seen every Canadian NHL team in action this season–a claim I’ve never been able to make until now, having never seen the Vancouver Canucks play til last November.) If nothing else, this job is getting me into a lot of hockey rinks.

And in unrelated news, I was going through old entires on the excellent (and still ongoing, even if the band itself is defunct) Sleater-Kinney blog, Tiny Suns Infused With Sour…and found a bunch of quotes from Touring Steve 2005! Score!


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