This is Getting Ridiculous…

2008 has struck again: tonight, I rear-ended a brand-new truck after hitting a patch of ice in a parking lot. Miraculously, my bumper only contacted his trailer hitch; the only damage was a scuff mark barely visible to the naked eye. Predictably, the other guy was a total asshole. As soon as he uttered his first sentence–“I just bought this truck!”–I knew I was doomed. Sure enough, he took down my name and phone number (and license plate number, when he thought I wasn’t looking), said “this’ll need to be fixed”, got back in his truck and drove away.

And I mean: come on. I’m sorry you needed to buy a big-ass truck to compensate for an undersized penis…but when it’s -43, when you’re in a parking lot and when you yourself had trouble stopping your own vehicle, surely you can have a little sympathy for the guy behind you. Two years ago, a sixteen year-old hit me in a parking lot…and I let him go. If you needed further evidence that karma really is a bitch, look no further. Aren’t you glad you’ve got me in your life?


3 thoughts on “This is Getting Ridiculous…

  1. Steve…There is no such thing as good karma. Only bad karma. Life is only shitty, until bad karma kicks in. Then it is painfully hilarious for a short period.

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