I Said, "Brr! It’s Cold in Here! Must Be Some Toros in the Atmosphere!"

There’s a lot I’ve yet to understand about Calgary, most of which falls under the “why is every fucking car on the road travelling 10km/h under the speed limit?” rubric. Here’s another thing I don’t get: Calgary weather. Yesterday, it was a balmy plus-four; today, it’s currently minus-sixteen with a severe windchill warning in effect. (It must suck being Bri Monster, who’s currently at Nakiska learning how to snowboard…but I digress.) But check this out: tomorrow and Tuesday, the high is minus twenty-five. Tomorrow morning, meanwhile, it’s gonna feel like minus forty-one. That’s Thunder Bay weather there, folks. I thought I’d escaped that for good.

I know these extreme oscillations are caused by chinooks…but since I don’t really know anything else about them, I won’t pretend to understand how. All I know is this: yesterday, I went out in a fleece shell. Today, I went out with a winter jacket and a thick U of C hoodie, and I was still shivering. And God willing, I won’t have to leave the house again today.

T-minus three days til Toronto, by the way! Can’t wait to see everyone.


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