It’s the Week Steve Strikes Back!

It’s time to start kicking 2008’s ass.

Because it’s off to a rough start: flying to England for my grandmother’s funeral (not to mention the accompanying jetlag), along with Bri Monster and I deciding to reinvent our relationship, has made for some trying times. Plus, as soon as I got back to Calgary I was travelling again; this, then, is the first solid “home” time I’ve had since mid-December, which has given me a much-needed opportunity to clear my head. Now, it’s time to shake off the early-year cobwebs and get crackin’. Starting tomorrow, I’m gonna start tackling this OCD thing head-on…which, for now, means coming up with a plan on how I intend on doing this. Also tomorrow, soccer resumes; between that, skiing and the gym, I’ve got plenty of tools for getting back into shape (physically and mentally). I’m gonna step up my writing; I’ve also got a pile of books on the backburner, which I intend to get to one at a time. I’ve got trips to Toronto, Vancouver/Kelowna, Ottawa, Vancouver and Thunder Bay (and Toronto again?) to look forward to. It’s gonna be a great, great year, and I can’t wait to get rollin’.

(Also–as this is only sort-of-related–I’ve learned that there’s a “Testicle Festival” in Calgary during Stampede. I’m giddy about this. Prairie oysters, here I come!)

I’ll get an England wrap-up written soon–because HLP Paul is demanding it, and because you deserve to hear about his mate, Tall Andy (you have no idea). In the meantime, I’ve got a classic football game to finish watching (go Chargers!…and they just stopped Indy on 4th and goal!!!), some chores to do and a feast to consume later on. It’s me and you, 2008. And you’re coming out second-best.


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