…and, We’re Back

The best is when “work” is a euphemism for, “Hang out with friends, sleep in a king-size bed in a brand new hotel, run an expense account and spend five minutes, tops, doing strenuous work.” Which is what I was doing the last couple days in Lloydminster, surely one of the dreariest places I’ve ever visited in Canada (the fact it was freezing the entire time didn’t help, either). On the plus side, I got to visit Saskatchewan, albeit briefly; once I got there I jumped out of the van, threw my arms into the air Rocky Balboa style and then got back in. It’s also worth mentioning that the most popular restaurant in Lloydminster is…Greek. Go figure, eh?

ANYWAY: I’m back in Calgary, and because I’m still jetlagged I’m gonna spend the night watching movies, reading (I’ve got an autobiography of former Manchester United great Bobby Charlton on the go) and, hopefully, staying awake til 10pm (a stretch, if the past couple nights are any indication). Supposedly, it takes a day to recover each lost hour; assuming that’s the case I’ve still got two days of jetlag to go. Which is fine, because once it’s dealt with I won’t have to deal with it again…til three weeks from now, when I’m off to Toronto again. Good times…good times.


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