Running Back to Saskatoon…or to Lloydminster, Anyway

I’m still getting over my jetlag (stayed up til 9pm yesterday!), but that’s gotta be put on hold for the time being. That’s because tomorrow, I’m doing something I’ve never actually done before: I’m going to Saskatchewan. Alright, that’s sort of misleading: I’m actually going to Lloydminster, a city which straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border (the Istanbul of the Prairies?), but while I’ve got business to attend to on the Alberta side I fully intend on crossing into Saskatchewan and ordering a coffee, just to say I’ve been there. I’ve never had reason to visit Saskatchewan, apart from a vague ambition to set foot in all of Canada’s provinces and territories (so far: a disappointing 5/10 and 0/3, respectively). If nothing else, I’ll get a bit closer to accomplishing that goal at some point this week.

And up next, in order: Toronto, Vancouver/Kelowna, Ottawa and Vancouver again. Good times! In the meantime, dinner, packing and (hopefully) a 10pm bedtime await. Talk to you from the northeast.

(Sorry ’bout the recent lack of updates, by the way–I didn’t have internet access while I was in England and wasn’t really eager to write, anyway. Normal service will resume once I get back on schedule.)


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