Washington 32, Minnesota 21: PWN3D!

Never underestimate life’s ability to kick you when you’re down. That’s the lesson I learned this evening after the Minnesota Vikings – with an 8-6 record, a five-game winning streak, and a chance to book themselves a playoff berth – turned in a truly moribund performance against their nearest rivals, the Washington Redskins, and essentially ruined any chance they had of making the postseason. Washington was leading 22-0 at halftime, and the final score doesn’t indicate what an ass-kicking this actually was (Minnesota scored all of its points after the game was already well in hand). They’re still mathematically alive…but when you’ve got a chance to clinch a playoff spot and you let your nearest rivals steamroll you in front of your home crowd, you might as well give up. See you next year, Vikings. and damn you for getting our hopes up.

Oh, and after the game, I went to drive Jamie to the subway station…and couldn’t, because the garage door was jammed. It’s been that kind of week.


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