Vikings 20, Bears 13: Phew

A win is a win is a win in the NFL–and thank goodness for that, because if they’d given out style points for tonight’s Vikings/Bears game, both teams would’ve been disqualified by the second quarter. The Vikings eventually won after Adrian Peterson ran for a couple scores…but if I didn’t have a vested interest in the outcome I’d have turned it off long before Kyle Orton’s final, desperate heave was intercepted by Darren Sharper. That was actually one of the worst football games I’ve ever watched.

But whatever: Minnesota is 8-6 and still in prime position to make the playoffs. The win eliminated four teams (Chicago, Detroit, Arizona and Philadelphia) from contention. A win over Washington next Sunday night, coupled with a New Orleans loss (they play Philadelphia earlier in the day), would clinch a postseason berth. And if they gotta do it ugly, I seriously won’t care.

In related news, my fantasy football team (lead by the most multicultural FFL receiving corps ever assembled) is in our league’s consolation final. A win gets me $25; that, plus the $25 prize for best late-round selection (for token white receiver Wes Welker), would mean I’d have essentially recouped my initial investment. Of course, were it not for one stupid point I’d be playing Baby J for all the marbles. Have I mentioned how bitter I am about this?


One thought on “Vikings 20, Bears 13: Phew

  1. To put it in context, Rahul and I were listening to it on the radio while we were charging my car battery (yes 2 fine Queen’s grads were more than capable of jumping a car) and it was boring on the RADIO, so I can only imagine the pain on tv.On a side note, guess who was delivering the radiocast?

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