Memories of March

What the hell–here’s a haiku on Liverpool/United:

Torres is alright…
But I’d rather have Tevez.
United to win!



8 thoughts on “Memories of March

  1. ur a bastard…’s that for a comment….except that Tevez scored today and Torres didn’t….stillLast night I said that United had more world class players but Liverpool had the better of them in Gerrard and Torres…may need to rethink this one.

  2. Liverpool need more options coming forward. Their lack of a second, complementary scoring threat was horribly exposed today, especially with Vidic and Ferdinand sticking Torres into their back pocket from the opening kick-off. It seems like they ran out of ideas almost immediately, then spent the rest of the match pumping long balls into the United penalty area; they’ll have trouble penetrating a world class defence like that, especially since they lack any real width (today, for instance, your wide players for Kewell and Benayoun; ours were Giggs and Ronaldo). Liverpool is a good team, but I don’t think they’re great yet. They’ve certainly got the potential to be; maybe once Rafa gets his head out of his ass it’ll happen…(btw, you’ll have to remind me to send you the “Stevie Gerrard dives” video someday–might make you rethink your opinion of the man entirely ;))

  3. You have already sent me the Stevie G dive video but maybe you have a new one…for a while I have accepted he goes down easy…but I just maintain that normally he is touched slightly. On your 2nd point, I think that Stevie G and Torres probably make it. I would also include Reina and Carragher (ahead of Ferdinand not Vidic btw). So those four probably are all….I could also argue Mascaharano ahead of Hargreaves…but given that they are essentially the same player and I have Canadian loyalty, I’ll let that win out.

  4. I’ll give you Gerrard and Torres, although I don’t know who Torres would replace (it’d have to be a 4-3-3 in order to accommodate him and United’s front two…although think how deadly a Rooney – Torres – Tevez front three would be). VDS looked his age today, and Wes Brown is shit…but beyond that, I can’t see anybody from Liverpool making United’s starting XI. And I’m biased, of course, but there’s a definitive gap in quality between the two sides. Oh, and Carragher > Ferdinand = in your dreams, at last the way Rio’s been playing so far this year. Carragher > Brown, certainly, but Ferdinand has become class. Ask me about this again after he’s committed his first massive blunder of the year. 😉

  5. “As always we are focused on supporting our manager” was the banner that apparently went around Anfield before the game. Say what you want about the team but the fans are the best (and also some of the most comical) the world.

  6. Agreed re: the fans, although you could add in “delusional” as well. I still wanna get to Anfield before it closes and see if the atmosphere’s as good as it’s supposed to be. Come to think of it, you should probably do it with me!

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