Peter King on the Minnesota Vikings

I’m not sure I like this:

j. I’m no ratings maven, but I’ll bet a dime that a Dallas-New England or Green Bay-New England Super Bowl would draw the biggest audience in American television history.

k. Why do I think the Vikings might have something to say about that?

That’s, um, a pretty bold statement if you read between the lines. I can’t figure out if I’m excited about this or not.


4 thoughts on “Peter King on the Minnesota Vikings

  1. Yeah, I saw that. You guys certainly are peaking at the right time. Tell me this though, when was the last time a number 6th seed made the superbowl. It just strikes me that three away victories in the playoffs is beyond any team these days but hey, consider it a challenge laid down.

  2. Well, the Steelers did it two years ago en route to the Super Bowl; otherwise, the only other time it’s happened was in 1985, so it’s not like it’s a frequent occurence. I’m by no means sold on the Vikings as potential Super Bowl contenders; it’s just nice, and kinda weird, seeing them spoken of like that, especially since they were 3-6 not so long ago.Big day for you today, btw. I hope you get tonked. 😀

  3. Of course the Steelers did….how did I forget that one!!!…..I guess once you get outside of the NFC north my knowledge is sadly lacking. Oh and btw, would you believe if I told you that I am missing todays Liverpool game due to having to attend a legal function….I mean come on….who schedules these things!!

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