Minnesota 27, San Francisco 7: Ho-Hum

Mine and Bri Monster’s grudge match wasn’t much of a match at all: the Vikings intercepted Trent Dilfer’s first pass attempt and returned it for a touchdown before knocking him out of the game (his replacement, Shaun Hill, was a former Minnesota third-stringer), Tarvaris Jackson turned in another good performance, Chester Taylor ripped off an 84-yard touchdown run…and despite Adrian Peterson’s three rushing yards (and no, that’s not a typo), Minnesota rolled over the San Francisco 49ers for a fourth-consecutive victory. That, coupled with Arizona’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, means the Vikings have control of their playoff destiny. Next up: the Chicago Bears. Again, I’m cautiously optimistic.

In related news, my fantasy football team the God Squad pulled a 2003 Minnesota Vikings: after rolling to a 7-2 start, the team fell apart, lost its last three games and was eliminated from postseason contention in spite of finishing first in the league’s power rankings (is that even possible?). Today, they put up 135 points–good for the league’s second-highest score, and utterly irrelevant as far as the championship is concerned. Have I mentioned how much I hate fantasy football? I suppose I shouldn’t complain: if it’s the God Squad or the Minnesota Vikings, there’s only ever gonna be one winner.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota 27, San Francisco 7: Ho-Hum

  1. No idea–but to be fair, once it was 27-0 and the Vikings still hadn’t broken a sweat, there wasn’t much need to overuse him. He’s still recovering from injury.And besides, we got Chester Taylor.

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