In Case You’ve Wondered What My Apartment Looks Like…Uh, Here!

Since you’re probably wondering why I haven’t opted out of my lease and moved somend someplace more, well, sane to live, here’s one reason: regardless of what’s happening upstairs, I’ve got a pretty sweet set-up down here. Apart from that “work of art” (which is coming down as soon as I find a suitable replacement), it’s hard to complain about a cozy, well-lit basement suite with a big-ass t.v. (a 32″ inch LCD which looks positively gi-nor-mous down here), a sweet surround sound system (courtesy Bri Monster’s younger brother), and a couch which practically cries out, “Here! Pass out on me!” (Somewhere in the Czech Republic, Jeff Gulley is nodding in agreement.) All of this, along with a sizeable bedroom, a decent-sized office space, and an absolute cannon of a shower makes it easier to deal with the idiots upstairs. Tonight, for instance, Charging Chub has been screaming at the top of his lungs while someone else (his step-father? or does he have one?) was operating something which sounded suspiciously like a bandsaw. I’ve stopped trying to figure these people out; really, it’s for the best.

Tonight, meanwhile, is a rare night in for me: I’ve been visiting three schools a day, every day for the past few weeks, and I’m almost at loose ends. Right now, I’m watching the Ottawa Senators’ quest for an eighth-consecutive loss; I also finished watching Rain Man, which Bri Monster bought for me for Christmas…in 2005 (I have a problem). In two weeks and one day I’ll be on a plane somewhere between Calgary and Toronto. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how excited I am for Christmas.


6 thoughts on “In Case You’ve Wondered What My Apartment Looks Like…Uh, Here!

  1. It’s not art, Gav–it’s a frigging monstrosity. 😉And Brad, I’m a big fan of the Salvador Dali idea. I might have to look into that; it’s either Dali, or b&w pictures of New York, London and Paris.

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