27-for-27: Past the Quarter Post

Random Fact #1: I just got back from seeing the Bri Monster school’s production of Oliver!…which happened to be the first time I’d set foot inside a Calgary-area theatre since that fateful day in July 1996.

Random Fact #2: I should have a new Torontoist article up later today or first thing tomorrow. Keep checking.

Random Fact #3: Last week I turned 27 1/4, which necessitates a fresh new look at my 27-for-27 list. So far I’m limping along at a 4/27 pace, but I’ve still got lots of time to work on the remaining 23. Here’s what’s happened so far:

  1. Bench press 135 lbs. I’ve gotten myself a gym membership; that’s about it.
  2. Take a Running Room course. “Learn to Run”, I’d imagine, once spring comes.
  3. Co-manage a youth soccer team with Bri Monster. It’d help if her school had a team…
  4. Join a soccer team. Done!
  5. Do a 360 on skis. Something else I’ve never done.
  6. Ride the bobsled at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. I still can’t think of a better way of spending $125.
  7. Walk Eddie-Dog to the top of Lake Louise. Right now, I’d settle for walking Eddie-Dog at Ted Reeve Field.
  8. Golf eighteen rounds of eighteen. It’s hard to golf when all the courses are closed.
  9. See the Vikings at the Metrodome. Done!
  10. Raise $1,000 in the Rona MS Bike Tour. I’ve got lots of time before I’ll even have to think about this.
  11. Build a model airplane. Another work-in-progress.
  12. Attend a wine tasting. Do Calgarians even drink wine?
  13. Eat a prairie oyster. I’m guessing I’ll have to wait for Stampede.
  14. Read Les Miserables. Still in progress–and since I’ve got a feeling this’ll take a lot longer than anticipated, I plan on interspersing it with other, less weighty books. Like Pledged: the Secret Life of Sororities, which I’ve got here in front of me.
  15. Start a novel. I’ve started writing down a few ideas.
  16. Take an acting class. I wanted to take one this fall, but my travel schedule wouldn’t allow it. I’m on the lookout for a winter class.
  17. See a band I’ve never even heard of, just because they have a cool-sounding name. Uh…does “Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band” count?
  18. Join another band. There’s culture somewhere in this city, right? Right??
  19. Write a song and post in on MySpace. I need an acoustic guitar…
  20. Watch Return of the Jedi. Still no.
  21. Be challenged to a duel. Jon still hasn’t done this, which is disappointing; he’s seemingly pulling an LCD Soundsystem and losing his edge.
  22. Up my RRSP contribution to $100 a month. Done!
  23. Successfully guide Crewe Alexandra to a Champions League victory in Football Manager 2008. I still need to install it.
  24. Be a better admissions officer than Kevin Du Manoir. Done…although, to be fair, an ability to string a coherent sentence together essentially saw to this.
  25. Take Bri Monster to dinner at Banff Springs. Ask me again next week.
  26. Learn to speak German. Nein!
  27. Be able to look back at twenty-seven and say, with confidence, that it was better than twenty-six. I’ll let you know in another nine months.

So a lot of work still to do, but I feel as though I’m in good shape. As ever, I’ll be keeping you posted–and in the meantime, it’s the Bri Monster Mom’s 50th birthday party tonight, so I’ve got some celebratin’ to do!


6 thoughts on “27-for-27: Past the Quarter Post

  1. Don’t worry, Jeff, it’ll be done; then, and only then, will I write the definitive “why Indiana Jones kick Star Wars’ ass” blog entry. πŸ˜‰

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