Vikings 29, Raiders 22: Mr. Next-in-Line

Before there was Adrian Peterson, there was Chester Taylor–and with Peterson sidelined with a torn ACL, Taylor racked up 202 total yards and three scores as Minnesota beat the Oakland Raiders (and their starting quarterback, the artist formerly known as “Sir” Daunte Culpepper) 29-22. The Vikings made it unnecessarily interesting (je t’accuse, Chad Greenway, who caught a game-clinching interception and then promptly fumbled it away), but whatever: they’re 4-6, on the fringes of the NFC playoff race and boasting what’s unquestionably the best 1-2 running back combo in the NFL.

(Oh, and Tarvaris Jackson had his best game as a pro. He only threw for 171 yards and didn’t throw a single touchdown, but he completed 80% of his passes and only made one boneheaded play. My standards have dropped, but at least they’re being raised again.)

(On an unrelated note…hey, greetings from Red Deer! I’m about to embark on a ridiculous four-day schedule; I’ll try and update you from the road but can’t promise I’ll be successful. We’ll see what happens.)


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