Packers 34, Vikings 0: 34-Donut

I have nothing whatsoever to say.


3 thoughts on “Packers 34, Vikings 0: 34-Donut

  1. I wanted to write you in the middle of the game, but thought that it might have been in poor taste.My team won a game but you know they almost lost it too…ah well. at least i’m not the Dolphins

  2. That’s alright, Tim: I’d rather not talk NFL football with someone who’d rather their team win a meaningless division title than beat a rival in a home playoff game… 😉(And see, you’ve got no comeback because *I* drove you to Detroit to see the Packers! You owe me for *life* now! :D)(Also, I’m watching last season’s Manchester United year-in-review DVD. Good times.)

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