Ah, Civilization

I never knew Alberta was so…big. But after spending two weeks in Northern Alberta, in places as far-flung as Grande Cache, St. Paul (and not the St. Paul where I’m seeing Bruce Springsteen a week tonight), Hines Creek (population: too small to support a single restaurant), High Prairie and Cold Lake (along with three nights on the side of the road to Alaska), I’ve discovered three things: one, this place is huge; two, I’m no longer down with the kids; and three, the best kind of money is free money, especially when it’s going towards my per diem. I love this aspect of my job; it’s what keeps it fresh, and it’s been a constant source of exciting new friendships (case in point: this week’s co-pilot/navigator of the good ship Ghostrider). It’s also given me a whole new appreciation for the city of Calgary–as well as for the simple pleasure of sitting on the couch, watching TV and listening to a hyperactive chub wreaking havoc on the kitchen floor above me.

Alright: so two outta three ain’t bad.


3 thoughts on “Ah, Civilization

  1. I believe you’ve remarked before that you were already not down with the kids – when Bedouin Soundclash hit #1 on the charts. 🙂 Also, why has Bri disavowed knowledge of you on Facebook? Doesn’t make sense, really. 🙂

  2. Do you blame her? 😉(The actual reason: her students were finding her on Facebook, and so in order to prevent that she deleted a bunch of stuff which might lead them to her profile. Hence, I’m Facebook-dumped.)

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