I’m Leaving Here, Yeah Yeah

I’m back on the road tomorrow–and once again I’m heading up north, albeit to the other side of the province. I’ve got a travelling companion this time, and it doesn’t look like she’s gonnna be bailing on me…which’ll be a welcome change after what happened last time, when “driving together” was somehow interpreted as, “We’ll each rent our own cars, and then we’ll follow each other from Calgary all the way to Fort McMurray…and oh, by the way, I’ve got a GPS in my car but no idea how to use it” (and no, I’m not bitter…it’s actually a funny story, made all the more funny by virtue of the fact that I didn’t end up following him and heard all of this second-hand the following morning). Updates to follow!

Oh, and two other things. One, if you’re a twentysomething male and you’re even vaguely interested in sports, read Wrigleyville. Two, you need to see this…especially if you know him:


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