It’s All Part of the Game, Sidney!

I almost forgot: Neve Campbell was at the Flames game last night…and got put on the Saddledome KissCam. I don’t think it was planned; either way, neither her nor her partner noticed. Speaking of her: did you know that the original Toronto cast of The Phantom of the Opera featured a young Neve Campbell in the chorus? I mention this because yesterday marked sixteen years since I first saw Phantom, although I’m pretty sure Campbell had already left by the time I saw the show. Does yesterday’s “sighting” make up for that?

(Also: there’s a Scream 4 in the works. Whoever made this decision clearly never saw Scream 3.)

Oh–and I just sat through a three-hour tutorial on our school’s database. I am now going to cut my own heart out with a spoon.


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